Lauren Donovan, Editor

Weekly Update 4/27/2020

April 27, 2020

We are not able to open the facilities yet per the Health Department, State, and Local orders.  Staff is happy to assist homeowners but please remember to practice social and physical distancing. Staff is not able to allow anyone into the clubhouse except for vendors completing maintenance and or repairs.

Pet Owners- We have observed and received may complaints of an increase in dog droppings on front lawns, putting greens, bocce area, and the clubhouse lawn.  It is great everyone is getting out and enjoying the fresh air but please remember to pick up after your dog.   Your neighbors will appreciate it!

Water- It’s been hot and the irrigation is back on! We have the turf on one cycle three days a week and the planters on one cycle two days a week.  We will continue to monitor the watering schedule and adjust as needed while staying within the allocated budget.

Mowing- The mowing schedule is going to change slightly.  Starting on Thursday, May 14th mowing will be completed over two days Thursdays & Fridays.  This will ensure more time for the crew to complete the mowing, edging, and clean up.

Trash & Recycle Bins- Please remember you must store your bins in the garage or inside your side yard gate.  Please do not keep your bins in view (i.e. Front of the garage, in the front entrance walkway or courtyard, or outside the side yard walkway are prohibited).

Annual Meeting- The Annual Meeting will be held on April 28th at 2:00 PM via Zoom. Please see the agenda for details and the Zoom URL. We have two open BOD seats and two candidates. The purpose of this meeting is for the Inspector of Elections, Adrienne Klaas, to tabulate the election ballots. The results will be posted on the front door of the clubhouse.

Fun Fact

The Terminator, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton, earned a worldwide total of $78.3 million at the box office in 1984. As it went on, the franchise took in over $1.4 billion—not bad for a movie whose rights sold for a dollar.
Before James Cameron became famous for directing blockbusters like Titanic and Avatar, he was just an unknown filmmaker with an ambitious idea. In order to get his movie made, he handed over the rights to the script for a token amount on the terms that he would be allowed to direct the movie. Despite the eventual success of the project, Cameron later admitted that he regrets the decision to sell such a valuable story for such a low amount, saying, "I wish I hadn't sold the rights for one dollar. If I had a little time machine and I could only send back something the length of a tweet, it'd be—'Don't sell.

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