Sample Weekly Activities Calendar

Shown on this calendar are activities that typically occur on a regular basis.

  Actual times and dates may vary.

830 Water Aerobics
830 Water Aerobics830 Water Aerobics830 Dance Aerobics
900 Zumba900 Dance Aerobics900 Zumba900 Dance Aerobics900 Zumba
900 Mahjong
930 Mahjong (closed)
1000 Mahjong (closed)1000 Mahjong (closed)
1000 Pickleball1000 Pickleball1000 Pickleball1000 Pickleball1000 Pickleball
1045 Mahjong1030 Line Dance
1100 Book Club (1st Mon)
1200 Party Bridge1200 Duplicate Bridge (2nd & 4th Fri)
1200 Canasta (3rd Wed; closed
200 Ladies Pickleball300 Mahjong (closed)
500 Bocce (2nd & 4th Fri; April - Oct)
500 Botero Bocce (1st & 3rd Fri)
600 Poker600 Bunco (closed)
630 Mahjong630 Bunco (closed)630 Canasta (2nd Wed; closed)
630 Bridge630 Canasta (1st & 3rd Wed)
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