The Gallery Community News

Clubhouse Security and Staff Hours

Residents now have access to the clubhouse from 6 AM to 10 PM Monday through Sunday including holidays.

Modified Staff Hours

  • No Staff Thursday Evenings 4 PM -9 PM
  • No Staff Saturdays after 1:30 PM
  • No Staff Sundays all-day

Important things to remember: 

  1. Do not let other people into the Clubhouse. Everyone must use their fob to gain access thru all access points.
  2. The Front Door is not fobbed and will be locked when staff is not present. You will need to enter at the access points that are shown on the map below i.e. the door closest to the fitness center and the restrooms.
  3. It is critical that all doors and gates are tightly closed when you enter or leave the club facility otherwise the alarm system will not be automatically armed at 10 PM.
  4. Do not prop open any gates or doors at any time as that interferes with the system.
  5. When you leave a room please make sure you have turned the TV and accent lights off.
  6. All overhead recessed lights and the AC are on timers and will automatically turn off at 10 PM.
  7. Billiards room: Please turn off the lights above the billiard table when you are finished playing.  The recessed lighting is on a timer.
  8. There will not be music playing in the clubhouse when staff is not present.
  9. Everyone must be out of the clubhouse, billiard building, pool, spa, and patio areas by 10 PM sharp.  The alarm is on a timer and will be set to arm the system at that time.
  10. If you have a regular evening activity and have not filled out a room reservation, you will not have access to the Card Room or the MPR when staff is not present.

Clubhouse Facility Camera

NOTICE: Video surveillance in use at the clubhouse Facility

Surveillance shall not constitute an increase in security nor guarantee the safety of persons or property.  The Association and its Board, agents or representatives are not required to monitor or view live surveillance or recorded surveillance footage. Access to live video surveillance and/or any recorded video shall be limited to the Board, the association’s manager, or other Association agent.

Proposed Restated Governing Documents

Proposed Restated Governing Documents

Town Hall Recap!

We would like to send a big thank you to all the homeowners who attended the Town hall on Monday, Sept. 23rd.

We appreciate everyone’s comments and feedback. The Ad Hoc Gov. Docs. Committee will meet to make some changes and additions based on the written and Town Hall feedback. Once the documents have been edited they will be reviewed with the Board and sent to the attorney for a final draft.

The Board will present the completed proposed documents at the Nov. Board meeting and they will then be sent to the membership with ballots. If you have questions regarding the proposed documents please send your written question to

Current documents require a 67% yes vote to approve the proposed restated documents.


Clubhouse Reminders


  • If you're using any of the rooms in the clubhouse please remember to clean up before you leave.  This includes picking up food on the floor, food wrappers, empty cups, bottles, and cans by placing all trash in the trash cans provided in each club room and outside.
  • If you accidentally spill something please ask staff for assistance.
  • When using the gym it is a requirement to wipe the machine down after use.  There’s a spray bottle of disinfectant and paper towels in the gym for your convenience. If there’s an issue with any of the gym equipment, please report it to staff.
  • The restrooms are not being kept clean. Please remember to flush the toilets after use.  Also, we have noticed a lot of trash on the floor.  Please throw your paper towels in the trash cans.
  • When using the pool, spa, patio, putting, and bocce please remember to throw your trash away and return any items you used to the club facility (i.e. putters, grilling utensils, bocce equipment, etc.)

Electronic Statements

Please help us to significantly reduce costs for the Association by signing up for E-Statements!

E-Statements are separate from the auto-pay of monthly fees.

Management will be happy to sign you up for e-statements. Please contact the office at (949) 361-4685 for more information.

Guests at the Clubhouse

 We have observed an increase in guests at the pool & gym who are not 18 years of age and not accompanied by the Resident.

Please remember the Gallery Rules for use of the Club Facilities:

  • Guests are permitted to utilize all Club Facilities as long as they are at least eighteen (18) years of age and are accompanied by a Resident at all times.
  • “Residents are permitted to have a maximum of four (4) guests per Resident household and must accompany them when using the TGCA club facilities.
  • This includes the gym, billiards, pool, spa, bocce, putting areas etc.

Electronic Correspondence

The Gallery sends all news via email blast.  We would like to ensure all residents stay informed so please be sure to sign up for electronic correspondence. If you have not signed up for electronic correspondence please contact the office. If you are not receiving our informational emails, check your spam folder for emails from then add our email address to your allowed contacts. If you have unsubscribed, you will need to go to the last email you received and re-subscribe in order to start receiving email blast again.

Reminder ~ Dogs are not allowed at the clubhouse facilities.

Per the Rules: Animals- “No animals (other than seeing-eye dogs or service animals) are permitted within the TGCA Club Facilities including, but not limited to, the entryway, pool, spa, patios, bocce courts, etc.”

If you have a service animal please contact the office at (949) 361-4685. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation with this matter.

Fitness Demo

The Fitness Demo held on Wednesday, September 18th was a success.  We thank you for participating.  If you were not able to attend this demo we are planning another demo after the holidays.  Please remember to make sure you are using the fitness equipment properly by ensuring you have the proper weight on the machine and you are not slamming the weights.

Gym TVs

We have received requests from gym users to have all TVs on mute when others are in the gym.  Going forward we ask you to place the TVs on mute (Closed Caption is already set up on the TVs) when there are other residents in the gym.  This will allow all gym users with a comfortable and enjoyable environment. We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation!

Library Book Donations

We are happy to receive library books for the Gallery if they are in good condition, no more then 4 years old, and if they are fiction or non-fiction books. If you have older books that are in fair condition, travel books, cookbooks, dictionaries we ask you please donate them to the Salvation Army, FAM, Goodwill or any other charitable organization of your choosing.

Emergency Planning & Security

Emergency Call Box

Located on the exterior shower wall under the AED. In the case of an emergency, all you have to do is press the button and you are automatically connected to 911 dispatch. Give them the clubhouse address listed on the sign above the call box and the location of the emergency: inside or outside the clubhouse, pool area, patio area, gym, etc.

City of San Clemente  Emergency Planning

For Local Resource Information visit City of  San Clemente website >u>

Click on Department & Services, then click on Public Safety Services.

Going on Vacation?

RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program) offers Vacation Home Checks! You can contact RSVP to request a Vacation Home Check at (949) 361-8269.

Visit the RSVP website if you would like more information on the services provided: RSVP.

See Something Suspicious?

Report it to the staff. If there is no staff then contact OC Patrol, the OC Sheriff or the Seabreeze after-hours numbers.  You will find the contact information listed on page 6 of the newsletter.  The numbers are also posted on the clubhouse interior bulletin board, the pool bulletin board and the website.


Surviving an earthquake and reducing its health impact requires preparation, planning, and practice. You and your family can reduce your risk of injury during an earthquake by preparing beforehand. Take some time to gather supplies, identify and reduce possible hazards in your home, and practice what to do during and after an earthquake. Develop an earthquake plan for your household and then talk to your neighbors about developing a neighborhood plan.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Put together your family emergency plan:
    • Build a disaster preparedness kit
    • Place large or heavy objects on the lower shelves. Fasten shelves, mirrors, and large picture frames to walls. Brace taller top-heavy objects.
    • Store bottled foods, glass, china and other breakables on low shelves or in cabinets that fasten shut
    • Know the safe spots in each room: under sturdy tables or desks
    • Know the danger spots - near windows, mirrors, hanging objects, etc.
    • Install flex fittings on all gas and water connections
    • Practice earthquake drills with family members
    • Maintain an updated out-of-state contact card
  2. Visit the Great Shakeout to learn how to participate and get your family ready for an earthquake.
  3. For real-time earthquake information visit the United States Geological Survey.
  4. For more information contact:Stephen Foster, Emergency Planning Coordinator
    (949) 361-6109

How to Safe List a Vehicle

To safe list a vehicle, you no longer need a paper on your window. You may safe list your guest vehicle 24 hours a day/7 days a week at this website:

Enter your address, click each date you would like your vehicle safe listed on the calendar, enter the license plate number, make, model and color of the vehicle, click the agree box, then submit.

OC Patrol (24/7) - 800.525.1626
Onsite Office- (during business hours) 949.361.4685

Please note that every resident receives 7 safe list days each month.  If you are unable to safe list your vehicle online, you may have exceeded your 7 days. If so, you will need to contact the management office to safe list your guests' vehicle.

Residential Landscape & Maintenance

Spring Home Maintenance Review

 It is important to start looking around the outside of our homes to see what needs work.  Our Talega Gallery Rules and Regulations state: “The primary goal of both the Architectural and Landscape Rules and Guidelines is to preserve and enhance the beauty of the Talega Gallery Community Association (TGCA).”

The Community Associations Institute (CAI) calls the annual analysis an “esthetic review to ensure property values maintenance”. That phrase says a lot. It reminds us that the up-keep of our homes is not only about looking good but, more importantly, it is about each homeowner’s responsibility for maintaining the value of our community.

What to look for:

  • Awnings – mildew and stains, fading and tears
  • Garage Door – peeling paint, dirt accumulation
  • Door Trim – peeling paint, wood damage
  • Shutters – peeling paint, fading, weathering and warping
  • Stucco (including chimneys)– mildew and stains
  • Window stucco trim – staining and mildew

Remember, we are all responsible to our neighbors and to the Gallery for maintaining the value of our community.

Spring Cleaning of Your Backyard/Side Yards

  • We have noticed there are a lot of trees and vegetation in owners backyards that are in need of trimming.  Please trim all trees and vegetation that are growing over the common area walls, fencing and neighboring roofs.
  • In addition, we have observed that there are many homes that have mounded dirt covering the bottom of the perimeter fencing.  All mounded dirt must be removed from the fencing immediately as it will corrode the fencing and void our warranty.
  • Lastly, please keep all irrigation in your backyard from hitting the perimeter fencing.  Should you notice the irrigation from the slope is hitting your fence, please contact the office (949)361.4685 so we may open a work order with TMC.

Open Position on the Landscape Committee

The Landscape Committee has an open position.
Please stop by the Gallery front office for an application.
Applications will be accepted until a qualified candidate is found.

TMC Architectural Application Process & Guidelines

There have been some questions about when owners need to submit an architectural application to the Master Association (TMC).


If you are planning on changing your paint color to a different scheme then the original, you must submit an architectural application to the Master Association and receive approval.  If you are painting your home the exact scheme color then you must notify the on-site management office by providing the paint numbers and the scheme number.

Backyard Enhancements

If you are changing out dying plants with the exact same plants, trimming trees, replacing seasonal plants or replacing the sod in your backyard this is considered maintenance. No application needed.

If you are changing plants, hardscape, installing patio covers, jacuzzies, pavers, etc. you will need to submit an architectural application to the Master Association.

Please review the Master Associations (TMC) architectural guidelines found once you log in to

Contact the on-site office or Kathy Conkey directly at 949.448-6026 should you have any questions regarding an architectural application.

Hazardous Waste

CR&R has brought to our attention they have observed owners disposing of hazardous waste in the trash bins.  All contractors should be disposing of their paint material, chemicals, and other hazardous waste off-site.  

CR&R has advised us to have owners contact 714.834.6752 to schedule a hazardous waste pick up.

Events & Activities at The Gallery

How to Form New Groups 

Looking to form a new group: (Sports night, card group, board game group, men’s groups, movie nights, surf group, etc.)

We have been asked by some residents about how to form new groups or additional card groups.

It’s as easy as pie:

If you have an idea for a new group put together a flyer with the details (day of the week, time, how often, the main contact persons email or phone number) and we will post it on the community bulletin board in the clubhouse. We will also advertise it in the monthly newsletter!

Contact the office if you need help getting started call us at (949)361.4685 or email us at

Volunteer Opportunity

The Recreation Committee understands that you may not have the time to participate in all the events or the Rec. Committee.  If you are interested in volunteering to host a happy hour or to be on an events sub-committee please let us know.  We would love to have your input.

Please contact Denise Rebholz at or contact the office at (949) 361-4685.

Gallery Events Via Online Sign Up

We are happy to announce the Gallery has moved to online sign-ups for events.

Sign-ups will no longer be completed in person at the office, online only. All sign-ups begin 30 days before a scheduled event at 7:00 am. Online sign-ups close 10 days prior to the event at 4:30 PM.

You may pay by credit cards (online only) on this site or you may bring a check into the office by the deadline provided in the event details. If you pay by check you have 7 days from the date you sign up to pay, otherwise, you will be removed from the event.

On you will see the events that are available for sign-ups.

Click here to watch a Video Sign Up Demo

If you need assistance registering for a Gallery event please contact the onsite office at (949) 361.4685. Note that On-site staff is not authorized to enter residents personal information (i.e. credit card information) on their devices.

You may ask your block rep for assistance.

Activities & Events

The Gallery Book Club

The Gallery Book Club will meet on Monday, Sept. 2, 2019, at 11:00 a.m. at the Clubhouse.  The book that will be discussed at that meeting is, “The Glassblower,” by Jhumpa Lahiri.

Future Book Selections:

    • Oct. 7, 2019—”The Island of Sea Women,” by Liss See
    • Nov. 4, 2019—”The Tattooist of Auschwitz,” by Heather Morris

Blind Wine Tasting

“The Wines of the Central Coast"

Friday, Nov. 8th, 7 - 9 pm

$45 Per Person

 Online registration begins Oct. 8th , Includes glass of sparkling wine, 4 four ounce tastes (1 white, 3 reds), and one glass of choice Cheese, crackers, fruit, and light dessert served

Prizes and Raffle Too!

Online sign up begins Tuesday, October 8th at 7:00 am-


Cooking with Ginny

Wednesday, November 13th, 2:00-5:00 pm

$10 per person

Ginny will teach an appetizer preparation class in the Clubhouse. She will demonstrate how to prepare 4 different appetizers.

Each participant will have a chance to taste all of her creations. Space is limited to 20 residents.

Online Sign up begins Sunday, October 13th at 7:00 am-


Talega Gallery Holiday Dinner Friday, December 6th, 5 p.m.—9 p.m.


Kick off the season with friends and neighbors at a special holiday dinner at the Talega Golf Course.  Residents will enjoy 3 hor's d’ oeuvres and a complimentary glass of bubbly during a champagne social hour from 5– 6 p.m.  During that time, the San Clemente High School Jazz Quartet will perform holiday favorites.  Two bottles of wine will be available at each table along with a cash bar.



Jumbo Tiger Shrimp on Ice w/ Cocktail Sauce; Black Forest Ham & Guyere French Toast Sandwiches w/ Garlic Jam; Summer Rolls with Hicama, Avocado, Mango and Daikon Wrapped in Rice Paper w/Ginger Syrup


Romaine & Bibb Lettuce Salad with Raisins, Pistachios, Dried Cranberry, Mancheso and Lemon Herb Vinaigrette

Entrees (Please Choose One)

Roast Prime Rib, Filet of Salmon, Butternut Squash Ravioli with Sage Cream Sauce


Buffet-Style Small Dessert Selection

Online Sign up begins October 22  at 7:00 am-

Monday Night Poker Group

You may have thought that the Poker Group on Monday night was for men only.  If you are interested in playing poker, male or female, please consider joining us on Monday nights in the Banquet Room from 6-9 pm.

If you are interested in playing, give Craig Aaron a call at 949-388-5144.

Bridge Players Wanted 

If you are interested in playing bridge on Tuesday afternoons from 1:30- 4:30, please contact Barbara Beaupre at

Duplicate Bridge Players Wanted

Looking for residents to play duplicate bridge on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of every month.  We meet in the card room from noon to 3:30 p.m.  If interested please contact Carol Tiberi at or 949-492-4827.

Men’s Bridge Players Wanted

If you are interested in playing men’s bridge on Monday evenings please contact Jimmy Hu at

Happy Hour at the Gallery

Join your neighbors for Happy Hour at the clubhouse! Bring an appetizer to share for 10 people and your own drink of choice to this popular homeowner event.

All Happy Hours start at 5:00 pm.

Happy Hour 2019 schedule is:

    • Friday, October 4th
    • Thursday, October 31st (Halloween)
    • Friday, November 15th


Thursday, October 31st, 5 p.m.

Attention all Halloween lovers who enjoy dressing in costume, here is your opportunity to shine.  Those ambitious souls who wish to embrace the holiday will have a chance to put their best face forward.  We will vote on who has the best costume for those who care to compete.  This is a creative group, possibly even competitive.  We hope those who feel inspired will dress in costume.

Bocce Ball Season

Join your neighbors for friendly competition at the Bocce Courts on the 2nd & 4th Fridays of the month at 5 p.m.

Bring appetizers, dinner and/or BYOB to enjoy the rest of the evening.

Gallery Pickleball

Join in the pickleball fitness fun with other Gallery residents.

Typical Weekly Schedule

Tuesday 10 am: Practice n Play

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 10 am:

Open Play (Mixed skill levels)

Wednesday 2 pm: Ladies Time

Go to the Gallery Pickleball website- Gallery Pickleball

Sign up for playtimes or clinic Peruse Tips & Techniques See our players

All players must sign a waiver prior to playing for the first time. Wear flat-soled “court” shoes.

Aerobics with Rhonda

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays

Shed calories, stay active, make new friends and have fun!  Join Rhonda for 30 minutes of aerobic exercise followed by 30 minutes of weights and mat exercise. No fee.

Beginners (men & women) are welcome. Classes are held at 9 AM on Tuesday and Thursday; 8:30 AM on Saturdays.


Important Contact Information

General Manager, Lauren Donovan

(949) 361-4685

Assistant Manager, Denise Rebholz

General Email Account

TGCA Website

Clubhouse Hours:

Monday to Friday- 7:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Saturday & Sunday- 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

OC Patrol Private Patrol:

(800) 525.1626 (24 Hours)

Safe List Website:

Talega Maintenance Corp. (TMC)

Slope Maintenance, Slope Irrigation

Issues, Streetlights, Streets & Mailboxes

Phone: (949) 361-8466



After Hours Emergency Numbers: 

TMC: (800) 428-5588

Seabreeze: (800) 232-7517 (property threating emergency)

OC Sheriff Non-Emergency Line: (949) 770-6011