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Fitness Center TVs

We have received requests from gym
users to have all TVs on mute when others
are in the gym.
Going forward we ask you to place the TVs on mute
(Closed Caption is already set up on the TVs) when
there are other residents in the gym.
This will allow all gym users a comfortable and
enjoyable environment.
We thank you in advance for your understanding
and cooperation!

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New Architectural Procedure

All architectural requests must now go
through the TMC Design
Review. TMC is responsible for
reviewing the following types of
projects: painting (if using different
colors), side and rear yard
landscape and hardscape, garage and front doors,
windows, door replacement, awnings, gates, solar
panels, etc.
You may pick up an architectural packet from the
Gallery Clubhouse

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Important things to remember about Clubhouse access

  1. Do not let other people into the Clubhouse. Everyone must use their fob to gain access thru all access points.
  2. The Front Door is not fobbed and will be locked when staff is not present. You will need to enter at the access points that are shown on the map below i.e. the door closest to the fitness center and the restrooms.
  3. It is critical that all doors and gates are tightly closed when you enter or leave the club facility otherwise the alarm system will not be automatically armed at 10 PM.
  4. Do not prop open any gates or doors at any time as that interferes with the system.
  5. When you leave a room please make sure you have turned the TV off.
  6. All overhead recessed lights and the AC are on timers and will automatically turn off at 10 PM.
  7. Billiards room: Please turn off the lights above the billiard table when you are finished playing.  The recessed lighting is on a timer.
  8. There will not be music playing in the clubhouse when staff is not present.
  9. Everyone must be out of the clubhouse, billiard building, pool, spa, and patio areas by 10 PM sharp.  The alarm is on a timer and will be set to arm the system at that time.
  10. If you have a regular evening activity and have not filled out a room reservation, you will not have access to the Card Room or the MPR when staff is not present.


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  • If you're using any of the rooms in the clubhouse please remember to clean up before you leave.  This includes picking up food on the floor, food wrappers, empty cups, bottles, and cans by placing all trash in the trash cans provided in each club room and outside.
  • If you accidentally spill something please ask staff for assistance.
  • When using the gym it is a requirement to wipe the machine down after use.  There’s a spray bottle of disinfectant and paper towels in the gym for your convenience. If there’s an issue with any of the gym equipment, please report it to staff.
  • The restrooms are not being kept clean. Please remember to flush the toilets after use.  Also, we have noticed a lot of trash on the floor.  Please throw your paper towels in the trash cans.
  • When using the pool, spa, patio, putting, and bocce please remember to throw your trash away and return any items you used to the club facility (i.e. putters, grilling utensils, bocce equipment, etc.)
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Clubhouse Facility Camera

NOTICE: Video surveillance in use at the clubhouse Facility

Surveillance shall not constitute an increase in security nor guarantee the safety of persons or property.  The Association and its Board, agents or representatives are not required to monitor or view live surveillance or recorded surveillance footage. Access to live video surveillance and/or any recorded video shall be limited to the Board, the association’s manager, or other Association agent.