Reservations for Selected Gallery Activities: Why?

Reservations for the use of several Gallery amenities are strongly encouraged.

Users who make reservations have priority on the use of that amenity.

As part of the COVID-19 return-to-play adjustments, The Gallery has adopted an online reservation system for the use of several amenities. The signup procedure is designed to help achieve the following:

  • reduce congregating at an amenity while waiting for an opening,
  • limit the number of players in and around a given amenity,
  • assure that playing companions are compatible relative to their interpretation of social distancing and other add-on guidelines,
  • discourage monopolization by a few players,
  • manage how many players sign up for given time slot.
  • assure players of court availability at their desired time.

How to make an online reservation.

An online reservation expects a login, date and time selection, and the names of playing companions.